After all, you don't want your transmission to overheat because the fans aren't powerful enough or something like that, right? I drove around for about an hour after installation and made sure the temperature stayed below 205 degrees. It got up to 210 for a bit but began dropping so quickly I almost thought my gauge was broken until I realized I had forgotten to actually turn on my AC! 

When I checked again about ten minutes later, it said 160, so there shouldn't be any problem with overheating in the future!! All in all, this is one of those things that will not fix any major problems but should help keep your transmission lasting a lot longer! I had to take out my old cooler because it was leaking fluid and would have failed eventually anyway, but I can tell that this one will last at least as long as some heavy-duty units people buy from the dealership.

This is VERY important if you want your new one to last!! The backside of the box has several warnings against installing any aftermarket coolers on transmissions that use Dexron fluid-like AutoZone sells, so it's even more important to get this or any fluid with the "Dex/Merc" label on it. After watching these videos with my dad, he said that most of them were similar to his work when doing oil changes for customers, so there shouldn't be anything to worry about. I also watched one video of someone having trouble removing an old cooler because it was stuck fast after years of corrosion in the radiator. 

I was pretty nervous about this step but managed to quickly remove mine without taking much off the front shield (if you can even do that anymore). Just make sure you put some thought into how you want your new cooler placed in your vehicle before deciding whether or not to disconnect any hoses!  I decided to follow all instructions and installed the radiator in front of the engine because it was the only place I could fit it where it would be able to get enough airflow. 

                                          Tru Cool 40K Transmission Cooler Review

I was very skeptical at first about the Tru Cool 40k Transmission Cooler, but after reading their website and doing some research, I found that there were many positive reviews of this product. The biggest benefits it offers are a reduction in heat-related wear and tear on your engine, which can result in longer life for your vehicle. It also helps prevent overheating by cooling down the hot fluid before reaching the radiator or heater core. This is especially important if you live in an area with extreme temperatures or have to drive long distances over hilly terrain where friction causes more heat buildup than usual. 

Though not mentioned much on their site, I was glad to see that they offer a lifetime warranty against defects! The installation was pretty straightforward and took me about an hour with just basic tools. If you don't have access to a lift, the job might take longer than that, though. There are no videos of this online yet, but I found some good ones on YouTube of the install process for another Tru Cool product (much more basic). I bought mine at Autozone for $85 before tax. I also got their clear transmission fluid while I was there since some had gotten into my old cooler while it was installed. 

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